Congressman Brad Sherman

Amid Government Shutdown, Congressman Sherman “Skypes” his Constituents

After numerous days of negotiations between Congressional leaders attempting to keep the federal government “Up and Running,” U.S. Congressman Brad Sherman appeared before his constituents on Sunday afternoon at a town hall. Within seconds after he began his address to California’s 30th district, a chorus of giggles erupted among the quiet audience, as his attempt to Skype into his town hall was derailed by a 21st century technological albatross.

While Sherman was clearly in the midst of his speech, the audio continued to cut out, causing his constituents to question what he was actually talking about. This, however, did not infringe on his action of laying blame on U.S. President Donald Trump for the then-materialized government shutdown.

In describing a potential deal with Congressional Republicans and the White House, the Congressman alluded to a bargaining chip used by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), noting “you almost choke on it [the potential compromise] …but yes, we’ll fund the wall”, albeit his previous downplaying of a “Continuing Resolution”, an appropriations extension of sorts, remarking that the Government would run on an “automatic pilot.”

He went on to discuss the President’s comments made days ago, which seemed to derail the idea of a compromise. He recalled the President’s “shithole countries” comment, which dominated headlines days ago, saying that it is “incredibly hard for Democrats to be as compromising” because of President Trump’s words. Mr. Sherman’s remarks matched the tenor of his colleagues, both on the left and the right, as many have called the President a racist after the aforementioned allegations surfaced from the bilateral legislative meeting.

The Congressman also took questions from constituents after wrapping up his speech. One man inquired about the representative’s authoring of legislative bills, citing the Congressman’s “name authorship” of only three bills, while he has maintained his House seat for over twenty years. The focus of two of the bills was the renaming of California post offices. In response, the Congressman stated that he prefers to support co-sponsored legislation with amendments, or legislative additions or changes, while noting, “If someone puts their name on a bill, that’s fine.” Forthwrite Magazine has independently confirmed that Mr. Sherman has only manufactured three bills by primary authorship.

After an approximate thirty minutes of constituent questions, the former CPA was also pressed by a constituent on the workplace changes that he has implemented into his congressional offices regarding sexual harassment and assault.

Mr. Sherman cited “five ways” that his offices approach the situation, including a direct approach to him with the grievance, or filing a complaint with the Congressional Office of Compliance. Many female congressional staffers and elected officials have cited concerns with the Office of Compliance, after released financial reports indicated that the office has settled fifteen million dollars’ worth of sexual harassment settlements in over twenty years, according to CBS News. Many have also expressed disdain with the office, as the time period for the first step of the “complaint process” consumes well over ninety days.

Mr. Sherman also spoke on the 2018 midterms, telling a constituent that there is an “excellent opportunity” for the U.S. Congress to switch majorities.

In addition, the event also hosted state and local officials, including State Treasurer John Chiang, whose name is penned on the 2018 gubernatorial ballot.

Note: This article was written by both Allyson Roche and Terry Ayzman, despite the byline.

Congressman Brad Sherman
After multiple technological issues, Congressman Brad Sherman successfully Skyped into his town hall.

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