An Ode to the Tried-and-True: How Nat Geo Wild’s “Incredible Dr. Pol” Tugs at the Heartstrings of Millions Worldwide

The end of January approaches, and with it, an arctic blast sweeps the country in frigid temperatures like never before. The unprecedented inclement weather conditions seem to have no bearing on the business of beloved veterinarian, Dr. Jan Pol, who’s morphed into a legend in his small town of Weidman, Michigan, and whose presence on his eponymous hit series has garnered him rave reviews and immense endearment — for good reason. Today, he has a few lessons up his sleeve for you.

(National Geographic Channels/Michael Stankevich)

Growing up on a dairy farm in the Netherlands, Dr. Pol always had his eyes out for the frail. Extending his generosity to the welfare of animals was imparted into him from a young age, when tending to the household’s animals fetched the family their ability to put food on the table, quite literally.

The plank of his medicinal philosophy is simple: “This is a service that you do for people. And, when that service is good, they come back; this is what was installed when I was a kid.”

This realistic, economically cognizant perspective was not only guided by his upbringing, but also by his education at the University of Utrecht, where, as he details in his heartwarming memoir Never Turn Your Back On an Angus Cow, he was much different than his fellow vets-in-training. His empathy and appreciation for animal life transcended the misguided intentions of others, who, perhaps, were not following their own dreams, but those of their parents, who’d faced a similar professional destiny.

(National Geographic Channels / Michael Stankevich)

Now, fast-forward some fifty years later, pulling calves from their reluctant mothers hasn’t changed; Dr. Pol’s practices haven’t flinched, either. As college administrators are striking deals with technology manufacturers, and conducting their classes with machines as a focal point, the veteran doctor maintains his concern that, in relying solely on technology to determine a diagnosis, a fresh-out-of-college vet can be derailed into missing something critical.

“You have to do a physical exam,” Dr. Pol explains. He implores veterinary students  to allow their senses to guide their thinking patterns, and use their fingers and nose to rule out ailments, but stop short of affirming them. Only then should they “run specific tests to confirm the diagnosis.” This tried-and-true, methodical approach has been borne out by the more than twenty-thousand clients who place their trust in his expertise, but, as usual, the doctor backs up his case with an anecdote.

“Just the other day, there was a cat that came in. And, I’ve seen it like a month before. I didn’t see too much wrong with it, except that it was not eating good and it was breathing a little heavy. I treated it for pneumonia, and it got a little bit better. A month later, it was the same thing. When I did a physical exam, I found a lump in her belly, and I thought it was her kidney because it was right in that spot. And, I said, “I don’t know – with an X-Ray we saw something in there, but I don’t know what it is.”

(National Geographic Channels/Michael Stankevich)

Dr. Pol wanted to perform surgery to solve what seemed like another one of his daily medical mysteries. Unfortunately, the feline’s owner balked, and alternatively requested that he euthanize her furry friend, where, in the process, she granted Dr. Pol permission to shed some light on the bewildering enigma. Lo and behold, the autopsy found a mass of lymphoma, a deadly strain of cancer, which could have been regarded as a benign mass had Dr. Pol secured his trust on new-age machinery.

Another crucial pillar of Dr. Pol’s practice is to treat and engage with animals in a loving and empathetic way, but not humanize them. He protests a frenzy which, some would contend, has become part and parcel of the overarching culture of pet ownership. This tendency can be manifested in a myriad of ways, although overly testing a sick animal is a typical way this attitude is displayed.

Reconciling humanism with one of his tales, a dog injured as a result of a car accident, Dr. Pol outlines a side-by-side comparison of sorts and permits his audience to draw their own conclusions: “He was wagging his tail when the owners opened the door and saw he was hurt. I’d like to see a person come home running with her arm dangling and still have a smile on her face. Believe me, when Diane [Dr. Pol’s wife] broke her wrist, she wasn’t smiling at all,” he explains in his novel. He reasons that, “An animal doesn’t know we can help them. So, when we do, and they get better, that’s very nice for the owner. But, at the same time, animals are not afraid to die…” Arguing for ‘empathism,’ Dr. Pol mentions why he usually avoids chemotherapy for animals plagued with cancer, why the distinction between humans and animals ought to be more pronounced in their treatment processes. A deep understanding of animals fastened to the essence of human kindness is the cornerstone of this principle.

(National Geographic Channels/Michael Stankevich)

On this token, the doctor, as much as he’s able to, promulgates the notion of pet affordability, and doesn’t mince words about his gratefulness to his son, Charles, who originally pitched the show to Nat Geo executives. The filmmaker, who now oversees the doctor’s show, conceptualized the program, and understood the powerful forces behind it that would make for great television. And, his foresight was borne out – with some instructions for his father, “Dad, do your work. Don’t do anything for the camera because your work is interesting enough,” Dr. Pol recounts.

Dr. Pol could never conceive that his American Dream, of starting a veterinary clinic with his wife, Diane, would accelerate at full-throttle speed, and land him at one of the most coveted spots in television. In the upcoming months, Dr. Pol, with his wittiness, charisma, and geniality, will sit atop his 14th season on the air – inspiring others to be prudent stewards of the creatures of the earth with humor and incessant laughter.

The gravitas of his work isn’t lost on him – he intends to remain at the helm of Pol Veterinary Services, even if he might feel like he wants to hang up his saddles.

“What does this practice represent to you?” I ask, and he briefly pauses, reflecting on his life’s achievements.

An inhale, and he exclaims, “An enjoyment of life!” A timeless message for a complex world.

Craving to get in on the action? Tune into Nat Geo Wild’s “The Incredible Dr. Pol” Saturdays at 9 PM EST.

10 Replies to “An Ode to the Tried-and-True: How Nat Geo Wild’s “Incredible Dr. Pol” Tugs at the Heartstrings of Millions Worldwide”

  1. Steve & Christine Jones

    My husband an I love Doc Pol And the rest of the staff Emily Charles Diane Brenda we have learned so much from Dr Pol Doc Em And Doc Benda but most of all We appreciate the love that they show to is out here who watch every week during tweeting during the show We’ve learned a ton about horses especially as we’ve got just one and we’re both 60 and so many people who have yorkies kike we do an a lab/pit mix it’s amazing to watch just all we get to see to learn even at our age we love this Doc Pol And we feel as if he’s family actually we know he is Cause we two are apart of Gods Family if ever we manage to take a vacation our only place would be to meet the wonderful Family an staff at Pol veterinary clinic Our Horse is 23 we send photos to Dr Em and Dr Pol especially right now as we learned of Dr Ems dogs passing we love this Dr he has helped us to learn more things about our Horse especially and it’s really helped my wife who’s alone at night to not be afraid of issues we may have in fact it’s calmed us down if anything about our loved anmial’s who my wife Takes the top care of as our Daughter is 34 n our grand daughter is 16 we look forward to every single show and watch reruns on the off seasons God Bless Docto Pol And his Wife Diane Charles his wife an the rest of there family and the staff We adore all of you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Gwen Marco-Baxter

      I love Dr Pol and Emily and his Staff. They are great! I watch all the shows and tape them so I can rewatch them during the week. I have learned so much watching the show, they are all such great Vets I would love to meet them all one day. Thank you for the great article and thank you Dr Pol and your great staff for all you do. ❤️😺🐶🐮🐷

  2. Evonne j Whalen

    I love Dr. Pol and all of the staff. I have learned so much from his program and have been able to apply wound care to my horses when needed and when I need to call the vet. Thank you to each and everyone of you for having this wonderful program.

  3. Diane Tenente

    I’ve watched Dr. Pol sense season one, continues to be my favorite show! He’s real, they all are, and it comes across. I feel like i’ve gotten to know them all. He just never ceases to amaze me!

  4. Phyllis Rhyner

    This real story about a real person who manages to bring comfort to animals and owners is awesome. I’m going to have to reread my copy of Dr. Pol’s book. Thank you Terry for your behind the scenes article. PS if I get a pet, I’ll be sure the Vet has read Dr. Pol’s book

  5. Nancy McBride

    Our favorite show here on Cagle Mnt., TN. Wish y’all were closer because we desperately need a large animal vet in this area. Would have our animals under their care for sure if they were closer. Would like to thank Charles for coming up with the brilliant idea of starting the show, it’s the Best. 🙂

  6. m dixon

    love this show & everyone at the clinic seem like they really care about the animals and the owner
    its great that they all take the time to show the owner how to take care of it themselves and they always tell them exactly what’s going on
    please keep this show going

  7. Marietta Austin

    Love this show. Everyone is excellent at their job of caring for the animals and humans. I can’t understand why the show wasn’t on 4-13-19. Thanks to Nat. Geo. For presenting such an interesting person. Keep up your good work. One of the best tv shows on television. Than you.

  8. Ellen Leach

    I completely agree that doctor Pol and his staff are top notch. I wish I had realized thus show would touch my heart as it has. I tuned in on season 11. I can find his earlier episodes on my satellite tv, and I watch all of them until this new season starts. As it is with other people, I feel I know all of them, doc Pol, Diane, Charles, doc Pols brother, Dr Brenda, Dr Emily , dr Archy, Dr Elizabeth, and the rest of them, their names escape me. DR pol is such an inspiration to me, and I admire his love and strength.I feel the world would be such a better place if there were more people like him. God bless this wonderful man. I hope your ankle is healing well and I am so looking forward to season 15.

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