Month: May 2019

  • Senator Graham’s Abortion Bill Will Have an Immeasurable Impact on Women’s Healthcare

    To some, Graham’s proposal seems extreme. But it is not alone; states such as Mississippi, Kentucky, Ohio, Iowa, and North Dakota “fetal heartbeat bills” which often ban abortions at 5 or 6 weeks of pregnancy or when a fetal heartbeat can be detected. These types of bills have faced harsh criticism from numerous women, reproductive rights groups, and civil rights groups because often times most women do not know they are pregnant at six weeks. Studies have pointed out that the viability of a baby delivered before 24 weeks is low and doctors have stated that these types of bans make it seem like the fetus can live outside of the womb at six weeks, which it cannot.

  • Perspective | Politics is a Minefield. Deciding between Saving and Killing People Shouldn’t Be.

    The infectious strain of society I’ve dubbed “the Fringe” live among us. The winds of change have not made a dent on their cognition, yet the seeds of ignorance have been sown deep in their outlook on life. By declaring them worthless, the fringe glazes over the contextual, salient details constituting homelessness, fueling what could be an ineradicable echo chamber on the issue.