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ForthWrite Magazine Indemnity Agreement

ForthWrite Magazine and its founders are not responsible or liable for any accusations, lawsuits or any other legal proceedings resulting from articles or artwork (“Material”) provided by contributors. By contributing Material, you agree to indemnify ForthWrite and its founders and accept sole responsibility in any case including but not limited to defamation, plagiarism or copyright infringement.

Once posted on ForthWrite, Material will be exclusive, unless otherwise waived, in perpetuity to ForthWrite. Certain exceptions can be considered on a case by case basis, but such exceptions are at the sole discretion of the founders. Contributors are free to provide content to other publications, but no other content may be duplicated or substantially similar to Material contributed to Forthwrite.

Contributors agree to submit a minimum of one piece per month for consideration in whichever category they choose. The Forthwrite founders reserve the right to not post Material submitted for any reason whatsoever and will notify contributor if Material will not be posted. Forthwrite will have the right to edit Material for punctuation, spelling and if necessary, space. If Forthwrite requires changes for those or editorial reasons that would substantially change the Material, we agree to discuss said changes with contributor. If a consensus cannot be reached regarding the changes, it is the sole right of Forthwrite not to post Material and exclusivity shall be waived.   Contributors agree to participate in Skype meetings with the ForthWrite team upon request, with the intention for a meeting to be scheduled approximately once a month.

Forthwrite Magazine owns the domain, its corresponding host site and all of its social media handles. Contributors may post the domain and/or its social media handles on other sites or contributor’s own social media for purposes of publicity and promotion, but never in a negative, defamatory or derogatory way.

Forthwrite Magazine reserves the right to remove a contributor and/or its Material for any reason whatsoever. If Forthwrite removes Material, contributor will be notified and exclusivity will be waived for that Material only with all rights reserved including exclusivity on any other posted Material.