Meet the Team

Allyson Roche, Alexandra Miller, Jenna Browne
ForthWrite Magazine Founders Ally Roche, Alexandra Miller, and Jenna Browne (Image: Hannah Hotchkiss)



Jenna Browne

Jenna Browne, Co-Founder of ForthWrite Magazine (Image: Hannah Hotchkiss)

Jenna Browne is a writer, actor, college student, and avid movie watcher based in Chicago, Illinois. She loves dogs, Bob’s Burgers, and fighting for social justice. Prior to ForthWrite, she was a contributor to Bold Magazine. She is opinionated, enthusiastic, loud, and one day hopes to be a writer/actor for SNL.

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Alexandra Miller

Alexandra Miller, Co-Founder of ForthWrite Magazine (Image: Hannah Hotchkiss)

Alexandra Miller is an 18-year-old writer, college student, and actor based in Tacoma, Washington. She has a passion for social activism, films, literature, and petting every dog she passes. Prior to creating ForthWrite, Alexandra worked as a contributor for Bold Magazine and a  guest author for AwesomenessTV . She hopes to one day be a writer/filmmaker/actor and still have enough time to re-watch The Office.

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Allyson Roche

Ally Roche
Ally Roche, Co-Founder of ForthWrite Magazine (Image: Hannah Hotchkiss)

Allyson Roche   is a writer from Los Angeles, California. She spends her time writing, reading, listening to St. Vincent, tweeting about movies, and watching Mamma Mia! (2008). Before creating ForthWrite, Ally worked as contributing writer for other publications including  Grl Mag and Bold Magazine. She is also a member of WriteGirl.

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Terry Ayzman

Terry Ayzman is a 17- year-old, ambitious, investigative journalist, who enjoys conducting interviews with inspirational leaders in his school club, “Find Your Calling”. As well as continually watching the news, he is the Editor-in-Chief of his blog, TeaWithTerry.Com, and has interviewed numerous individuals, such as Co-Founder of, Robert Shapiro, and ABC7’s George Pennacchio.

Bri Beemer

Bri Beemer is an aspiring environmental documentary filmmaker from Los Angeles, CA. She is also passionate about social justice, animals, dance, and politics. In between being a member of her high school’s Women’s Empowerment Club, Environmental Club, Spanish Honors Society, and a peer-tutor for National Honors Society, Bri still finds time to take every single BuzzFeed quiz. After college, she hopes to work on and create impactful nature documentaries in order to inspire change and ignite passion for environmental issues. You can follow her on Twitter.

Rachel Clark

Rachel Clark is a high school student from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. She is passionate about all types of writing ranging from economic reporting to literary fiction. In her free time she reads anything and everything she can get her hands on and is a member of the Book of the Month club. She co-founded her school’s newspaper and hopes to educate others through honest reporting. On the other hand, when she’s not reading, writing, or staying up to date on the state of the economy you can find her scrolling through memes or playing sports with her friends. You can find her on Instagram.

Elanor Nadorff

Elanor Nadorff is a student at the University of Pittsburgh studying film, philosophy, and English. A newly designated inspector for the Board of Elections, Elanor is interested in political activism, the writings of social justice warriors, and the poetry of Mary Oliver. She loves driving, watching anything on Filmstruck, and snuggling with her cat Doris.

 Katya Rashkovsky

Katerine (Katya) Rashkovsky is kept busy by her studies, tennis, and her love for cats, kpop, and writing. In hopes of pursuing writing in the future, she expresses her love for journalism by taking on the challenge of simultaneously being Yearbook editor and a contributor for ForthWrite magazine. A 16-year-old aspiring clinical psychologist/literary author/journalistic writer, Katya wants nothing more than to intertwine her passion for mental health and writing, while also somehow having the energy to care for at least two cats.

Mia Rheineck

Mia Rheineck is a high school student from Minneapolis, MN. With a love for politics, much of her work focuses on what is going on politically both on a national and local level. She has interviewed former MN politicians as well as the current Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey. When she isn’t watching, reading, or writing the news, Mia enjoys travelling, reading books on feminism, or watching SNL. Mia has studied reporting with the New York Times, and hopes to become the Chief Political Correspondent for CNN or cover politics for the New York Times. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Galylea Salamanca

Galylea Salamanca is a high school student and writer from Claremont, California. She spends most of her free time writing, watching movies, reading scripts, and baking! As she hopes to become a screenwriter in the future, Galylea feels compelled to tell the stories of the people that surround her and is passionate about bringing dreams to life. She is also a part of WriteGirl and hopes to one day inspire others to connect with themselves and find their voice!

Emma Skidmore

 Emma Skidmore is a former Navy Brat and current high school senior in Greensburg, PA. She is the captain of the Dance Team and the first ever Editor in Chief of both the student newspaper and Yearbook. She has studied news writing at the School of the New York Times and intends to someday break her own Watergate or Pentagon Papers. When she’s not writing, Emma can be found watching Dexter or any other crime series. Emma is a big city girl living in a small town and is passionate about politics, national policy, and government.

Images of co-founders taken by Hannah Hotchkiss.